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Respiratory Protection

This course is intended for employees that are required to wear respirators at work.  It satisfies the initial annual refresher training required by the OSHA standards.  The course covers the following subjects:

  • The Respiratory System

  • Need for Respirators

  • Operating Principals of Respirators

  • Use and Limitations of Respirators

  • Proper Fit and Fit-Testing of Respirators

  • Protection Factors of Respirators

  • Establishment of an Effective Respiratory Protection Program

Irritant Smoke fit-testing of negative pressure respirators can be provided if the class participant has a current respirator physical.  If fit-testing is provided the employer must provide the respirator equipped with P-100 filters that the employee will use.

Length: This class normally last 4 hours

Location: We will come to you and provide the training at a location that is convenient to your employees.

: $80.00 per trainee - Discounts are offered for classes of more than 10


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