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Powered Industrial Trucks - Operator Training

This course covers OSHA standards 1910.178, 1915.120, 1917.1, 1918.1 and 1926.602.  It covers the operation of various types of industrial trucks and explains how they have different handling characteristics than the vehicles we typically operate.  It also includes a hands on operating session that must be completed to satisfactorily complete the course.

NOTE: the employer will have to make a powered industrial truck available for the hands on operating session.

Upon satisfactory completion of the course the trainee will be issued a wallet card showing that he/she has completed the required training.

The course covers the following topics:

Truck Related topics:

  • Operating instructions, warning and precautions

  • Differences from Automobiles

  • Controls and instrumentation

  • Engine or motor operation

  • Steering and maneuvering

  • Visibility

  • Fork and attachment adaptation, operation, use

  • Vehicle capacity and stability

  • Vehicle inspection and maintenance that the operator is required to perform

  • Refueling/charging/recharging batteries

  • Operating limitations

Workplace-related topics

  • Surface conditions

  • Composition and stability of loads

  • Load manipulation, stacking, unstacking

  • Pedestrian traffic

  • Narrow aisles and restricted areas

  • Operating in hazardous (classified) locations

  • Operating on ramps and sloped surfaces

  • Potentially hazardous environmental conditions

  • Operation in closed environments or other areas where poor ventilation or maintenance could cause carbon monoxide or diesel exhaust build up.

Requirements of the OSHA standard on powered industrial trucks

Length: 8 hours minimum

Location: We will come to you and provide the training at a location that is convenient to your employees.

: $110.00 per trainee - Discounts are offered for classes of more than 10


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