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This training course satisfies the initial and annual training requirements of 29 CFR 1926.62. 

This training is not intended to meet or satisfy the requirements of the Virginia and EPA regulations for licensing in any of the various disciplines that require licensing.   Instead it is intended to satisfy the OSHA requirement for annual training for personnel exposed to lead in the workplace.

OSHA requires that employees who are subject to exposure to lead at or above the action level (30 µg/m3) on any day or who are subject to exposure to lead compounds which may cause skin or eye irritation be trained prior to initial exposure and annually thereafter in the following topics:

  • The content of 29 CFR 1926.62;

  • The specific nature of the operation which could result in exposure;

  • The purpose, proper selection, fitting, use, and limitations of respirators;

  • The purpose and a description of the medical surveillance program, the medical removal program, and the adverse health effects associated with excessive exposure to lead;

  • The engineering controls and work practices to be followed;

  • The contents of any compliance plan in effect;

  • Instructions that chelating agents should not routinely be used to remove lead from their bodies and should not be used except under the direction of a licensed physician; and

  • The employee's right of access to records under 29 CFR 1910.20.

Length: This class normally last 4 hours

Location: We will come to you and provide the training at a location that is convenient to your employees.

: $80.00 per trainee - Discounts are offered for classes of more than 10


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