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This training class is designed for personnel who must operate an aerial lift.  C. R. Sledge Co. develops this course around the specific make and model aerial lift your employees will be operating.  If the lift is available at the training site, we will include hands on training.

Our training class includes:

  • OSHA Standards covering the use and operation of an aerial lift.

  • General operating procedures for all aerial lifts.

  • Specific operating instructions for your aerial lift.

  • Pre-use inspections for the specific lift your will be using.

NOTE: A copy of the operators manual for the specific make and model of the lift to be used will have to be provided prior to the training class so that we can provide the proper instruction.

Length: This class normally last 4 hours

Location: We will come to you and provide the training at a location that is convenient to your employees.

: $80.00 per trainee - Discounts are offered for classes of more than 10


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